Region & State Drama Competition

Region: March 25, 2021- One Act Plays @ Davinci Academy and March 26, 2021- Individual Events @ Rockwell High School

State: April 22-24, 2021 @ Millard High School


Strong Back

  1. We will be prepared, on-time and present for all rehearsals
  2. We will bring our best selves to our work each time
  3. We will encourage others in their struggles or doubts
  4. We will celebrate each other’s success and efforts
  5. We will take care of our MEPS (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual) health

Soft Front

  1. We will be open to new ideas
  2. We will make ourselves vulnerable to each other and to the work
  3. We will share our true feelings in a respectful manner
  4. We will trust each other
  5. We will protect each other
  6. We will listen and see each other

Wild Heart

  1. We will take risks
  2. We will innovate
  3. We will experiment
  4. We will be willing to fall and have wrong answers
  5. We will wear our hearts on our sleeves
  6. We will not hide